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"I am in good hands. It is nice to hear management voices. You really have a handle on all the compliance issues. I feel like my decision to join Harbor was a very good one." — Harbeth Cawthon

"I want to stay with Harbor Financial forever!" — Nolan Miller

"I will most certainly recommend Harbor to my colleagues seeking working as an independent advisor. Having worked under a number of independent platforms I will say that yours is the most fair and straight forward." — Paul Celentano

"Digging into prospectuses as you do is something I have not seen done before by management. It’s usually sell, sell, sell without regard to what the prospectus is really saying. I really look forward to our continuing relationship." — Michael Doll


"Today is my first day with Harbor and I can tell you that my move wouldn't have been anywhere as smooth without all of their help. I have been a broker for 22 years and have worked with a variety of people and I can tell you they are tops! Every time I had a question or needed anything they were there to help and with such a friendly manner. The Harbor staff went the extra distance in helping me with all of the details and it is no exaggeration to say that they are one of the key reasons I chose Harbor. If my future with Harbor Financial is like the start then I’ve made my best move yet." — David Neubrander

"We’re coming up on our one year anniversary with you guys. Our experience has been very good with Harbor Financial. You guys have definitely delivered all that you promised." — Jeff Harris

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